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Who We Are

“Equidad” is the Spanish word for equity - one of our core values, along with placed-based planning, strengths-based focus, cultural competency and preservation, listening to and learning from neighborhood residents.


We have a sense of urgency about our mission, vision and values because of the inconvenient truths that contradict our reputation and image as an inclusive community and one of the best places to live and work.  Too many of the people who live and work in the Eastern Crescent have a much different experience. 


The concentrated poverty, racial segregation and other disparities that exist there today are the legacy of a 1928 Master Plan and other discriminatory policies that created a racially-segregated district on the east side of what is now IH-35, a barrier that has endured for almost a century.

Image by Megan Markham

Our Mission

To be a catalyst for holistic, equitable, sustainable and transformative neighborhood revitalization, and the disruption of the cycle of generational poverty, in Austin’s  “Eastern Crescent”.

Image by Oliver Cole

Our Vision

Thriving communities everywhere. No barriers. No boundaries.

A place where there are:

  • housing choices for people of all income levels,

  • excellent lifetime educational opportunities, and

  • facilities and services necessary for good health and community wellness.

Meet the Equidad Team

Equidad's current board members continue the work of the following esteemed former board members:

Alba Sereno (Co-founder), Judy Trubulsi, Christopher Rios, Kristie Gonzales and Tobi Polland (Volunteer Advisor).

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