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Help us build thriving, inclusive neighborhoods in Austin, TX.

Who We Are

Equidad ATX, a tax-exempt charitable organization, is a catalyst for holistic, equitable, sustainable and transformative neighborhood revitalization, and disruption of the cycle of generational poverty, in Austin’s “Eastern Crescent”.


Our vision for the Eastern Crescent: Thriving communities everywhere. No Barriers. No Boundaries.


A place where there are:

  • Housing choices for people of all income levels

  • Excellent lifetime educational opportunities, and

  • Facilities and services necessary for healthy and productive lives.

Who We Serve

Equidad ATX exists to serve alongside the hundreds of people who gave their first-hand accounts of decades of neglect and broken promises during the 2015 Spirit of East Austin community conversation about life in the Eastern Crescent.

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What We Do

Equidad ATX listens to the people in the community; helps them identify the resources they need; and connects everyone to work together as a team to solve problems and pursue opportunities. We are a connector, convener, and catalyst.

Live Well/Vive Bien

Equidad ATX has helped build a team of partners to deliver healthy food and other products and services to neighborhoods in the Eastern Crescent with a synchronized “mobile ecosystem” that includes a mobile grocery store in a converted Capital Metro Bus.

What's New

We post updates about the impact of our work and current events affecting who we serve.

COVID-19 Equity Gap

Colony Park Back in School Bash

Austin Impact Accelerator

Free COVID-19 Testing

Food on Wheels -

Free Home Meal Kits

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Mayor's Task Force on Institutional Racism and Systemic Inequities

“The pandemic is pointing out something we already knew: for some people, the old normal was overrated. Educational opportunities were not equitable. Ditto for access to health care. Ditto for other stuff. The solutions aren’t easy, and my ideas might differ from yours, but would it be asking too much to work toward a new normal that puts a meaningful dent in the old normal’s inequities?”

-Ken Herman, Austin American Statesman

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