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Who We Serve

In response to the Spirit of East Austin community conversation, Former Austin Mayor Steve Adler, convened a broad-based Task Force on Institutional Racism and Systemic Inequities, which produced 250 recommendations regarding housing and real estate, education, health and wellness, civil and criminal justice, and business, finance, and industry.


Several nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, health organizations, government agencies. financial institutions and private companies have committed their expertise and resources to partner with the people in the Eastern Crescent, and we are pleased to work alongside them as community partners.

What We Do

One important way to listen to the people, in the context of neighborhood revitalization, is “place-based planning”, a grass-roots process in which the people decide what they need and want their community to be.


Purpose Built Communities, an Atlanta-based nonprofit, has a successful model for place-based planning, and the holistic, equitable, sustainable, transformative neighborhood revitalization the people in the Eastern Crescent have told us they want.


This model includes:

  • Mixed-Income Housing- where all residents can thrive.

  • Cradle-to-Career Education – a seamless lifetime education pipeline that ensures student growth, learning, and achievement at every level.

  • Community Wellness - programs and facilities that promote healthy living and productive lives.

Community Co-Design of LIVEWELL Vive Bien


Equidad ATX partnered with Dell Medical School’s Division of Community Engagement and Health Equity to co-create a holistic mobile ecosystem of services for Austin’s Eastern Crescent region, which includes a mobile grocery market, bookmobile, financial literacy services, and more.


We present insights from our community-driven co-design work for the LiveWellViveBien initiative and how we anticipate LWVB will move the needle on health inequities in Austin until permanent “brick and mortar" services that are missing in the Eastern Crescent can be constructed.

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Click here to view the full presentation and recording
Serving the Eastern Crescent: Colony Park

Following the Purpose Built Communities model, Equidad ATX has begun its work in the Eastern Crescent with a neighborhood-level, grassroots initiative in Colony Park, an isolated and underserved neighborhood located. on the far edge of the Eastern Crescent.


Colony Park is in an area identified as “most vulnerable” to displacement in the “Uprooted” report prepared by The University of Texas at Austin, because of it is in a growth corridor and is adjacent to the proposed development of a master-planned, mixed-use project on 208-acres of city-owned land. 


Equidad ATX is helping the Colony Park residents respond to the challenges and opportunities this presents with the “Colony Park Preservation Plan”.

Colony Park
Back in School Bash

The Back in School Bash hosted by the City of Austin Economic Development Department, Colony Park Neighborhood Association and Partners welcome families back to school with live music, free backpacks equipped with school supplies, free food, outdoor activities and prizes. 

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